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Jeremy + Kelsey | May Wedding

Today was finally Here! Kelsey and Jeremy's wedding day! The day they have been planning for over a year. They put a lot of hard work and dedication both from Jeremy and Kelsey but also from a lot of their family and friends as well to pull off a beautiful and memorable wedding day. Today was the day it was all coming together. After years of these two falling in love. On this day they stood in front of their friends and family along with those special ones up above, and committed to love each other, and support each other and vowed to grow old with one another. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Jeremy and Kelsey were so much fun to be around along with everyone they chose to attend to be apart of there day. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night because I couldn't stop laughing!!! Definitely full up upbeat and positive vibes all day and night! Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Coy!!!

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