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Jolene + Matt Hauger | June Wedding

Matt + Jolene... two of the funniest couples I have had the pleasure of working with over the past year! All started out with Jolene working with my daughter and us meeting at school and then us working together meeting over delicious Mexican food!! YUM! Since then I was able to meet Matt and learn his absolute LOVE for golf, so much so that he had to live on the golf course! lol!! Its ok Matt! Funny thing about golf, that golf must love him too, because the day of the wedding when we were taking pictures bu the lake, a group of guys in a golf cart (NOT of the golf course mind you) was driving by and let them take a picture with it! THATS how much Matt loves golf! He is hilarious, such a great sense of humor! OK enough picking on Matt, there was enough of that at the reception ( no worries i wont repeat any of it!) Other than the fact that FINALLY you married the amazing Jolene, it was about time! But It was an amazing day filled with amazing laughter...belly laughs!, my abs were killing me after those speeches guys!! Those were amazing!!!! Ok so now about Jolene, other than the fact that she loves her feet being tickled, (sorry I had too!!), but she is such an amazing woman! She is so sweet. So kind. So great with kids. So much fun to be around, She is wacky and crazy but she is amazing! They are and amazing couple!! I felt so honored to be there that day and to capture it all.....Here are a from that day June 17th 2017... Mr + Mrs. Hauger