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Meet Dinah. A beautiful woman inside and out with such a contagious personality and love for life. Meeting her and seeing her, you never would guess that she is currently battling breast cancer - words no one wants to hear. In two days, she will undergo a mastectomy. A removal of a breast is such a difficult hurdle to overcome. Its one thing that helps us women feel like a woman. But when you are dealt these cards, there is no question, you do it to save your life. You do it to be there for your child as his mother. You do it to prove to cancer that “You will not break me down." This will only make her stronger. I had the honor to capture her in all of her beauty. These images are to honor mother nature within ourselves and our surroundings. To memorialize how strong and beautiful she is, even though deep within she is battling with so much more. She is like the other women who have been here. Stepping up and showing how strong they are. Warriors. True Warriors. This "Boobdoir" as she lovingly called this session, was one I think she needed. One I think we all need. To remember who you are today regardless of any of the hurdles you have had to overcome, or will in the future.

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