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Mommy and Me Mini Sessions 2020

With this time we have been dealt the last couple months , for some it has been joyful to spend more time with your families and for others stressful from both being separated from those we love and adjusting to new routines. This spring has definitely hit us like a lion this year, but I definitely look at things with that old saying, everything happens for a reason. I definitely don't have the answers but I think that this has made us look at our lives more and maybe our families more and be so much more thankful that we have them.

Since we missed my original date of Mommy and Me sessions , I am able to offer them now! I even have something more coming after the 1st of June as well!

20 minute special of $150 with digital downloads

If you are interested, please contact me for more information!

Due to Covid-19 I am asking to keep the number of people to a minimum and just those involved in the session if can be. Any questions regarding Covid-19 please ask! I will be having more limited spaces since I am spacing these sessions out.

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