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Patrick + Breanna | June Engagement 2020

This is Breanna (Bre) and Patrick (Pat, Patricia, Patsy, etc).

For those of you whom dont know these two, these are two of my best friends. Now the term best friends means people closets to you. We have a group of friends to whom we are extremely close. I consider them all my best friends, even more so, I consider them family. Now Patrick has been apart of that list for over 15 years and 7 years ago he introduced us to Breanna. Life has never been the same since. It is not always easy to blend well with a group of people especially a group with women...but the type of people we are and the kind of person Bre is, she absolutely fit right in! Bre was our missing piece of the puzzle. After all these years and all of our relationships growing stronger, i am so happy to consider her my best friend.

She is family.

Now another thing that people may not know, at least about Pat, is his personality. He is the huge comedian of the group, a mini Dan in some ways! He is all about making things be difficult but in a way that you cant help but laugh and be mad at him at the same time. I knew with me taking their engagement portraits, Patrick was going to be difficult, if anything just to make it more difficult for myself and Bre. He didn't let us down. He certainly is like a big kid, complaining the whole time and I was so close to just taking all his beers away! But as always, how could we not have gotten beautiful images with Bre in the them! She absolutely shined! Even with Patrick insulting her (wait for the images, you'll see) and "ruining" the great images with all of his crazy faces, but I know myself and Bre would agree, we wouldn't have it any other way, this is them. Patrick definitely showed off his personality well even with all the complaining!

Congratulations to TWO of my absolute favorite people!! Cannot wait to be apart of your big day next year! LOVE YOU BOTH!

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